North Tone Systems originally started in 1997 as Northern IT, and was founded by Brad Jorgenson and Matthew Johnson. Northern IT was strictly a network administration, and consulting firm in Madison Wisconsin until 2004 when the company split into two companies. North Tone Systems LLC, which now focuses on web hosting, and managed cloud services, and Aloka IT which continues as an IT firm servicing small to medium sized businesses. In the last 16 years North Tone Systems has progressed into one of the largest web hosting providers in the state of Wisconsin. Hosting over 14 thousand domains, and servicing customers in almost every country in the world. North Tone Systems is constantly moving forward with technology, and offering the most cutting edge services to your clients. Whether an individual, small business just starting out, or a large business looking for only the most reliable service available, North Tone Systems LLC provides 99.99% up-time, and 24 hour support 365 days a year.