North Tone Systems is housed inside the carrier neutral AIS Data Center.





  • Cameras at all facility entrances.
  • Biometric palm scanners.
  • Card access control at all doors.
  • 24/7/356 on site security personal.
  • 24/7/365 intrusion detection monitoring.

DC Power Systems

  • N+1 redundancy in all systems.
  • Dual DC plans with redundant A and B circuits.
  • VRLA batteries providing 2 hour minimum power backup at full load.

AC Power Systems

  • N+1 redundancy in all systems
  • 4 Powerware 500KW Parallel redundant UPS’s.
  • VRLA batteries providing 2 hour minimum power backup at full load.
  • Dual AC power.


  • 2 Megawatt Caterpillar Generator, sized to run entire site at full load for a minimum of 48 hours without refueling. Hot refuel capability.
  • Dual Automatic Transfer breakers and bypass/isolation switches provide N+1 redundancy for dual source power capability.
  • 24/7 maintenance.


  • Full data-grade HVAC system with N+1 redundancy.
  • Triple redundant 200 ton Carrier chillers.
  • 72 degree ambient air temperature (+/-2 degrees)
  • 45% humidity (+/-5%)
  • 580 tons of computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units.

Fire Protection

  • Both smoke and high temperature heat detectors.
  • Zone specific discharge.
  • Dry-pipe, pre-action double interlock fire suppression system.
  • Early warning VESDA fire detection systems.


  • DataTrax facility monitoring of Power, HVAC, Security, Fire, Leak Detection and Hydrogen Detection Systems.
  • Network monitoring by NMS which monitors all network and customer connections.
  • Systems is monitored on-site 24/7/365